Thursday, 17 February 2011

Core2 Triangles and circles 17/02/11

  • Using cosine rule, sine rule, arc length, sector area
  • Defining radian measure
  • Using radian measure for arc length and sector area
  • Solving problems involving circles and triangles using angles in radians
  • HOMEWORK SET - plotting accurate graphs of y=sin x, y=cos x and y=tan x (with x in degrees) on the provided A3 graph paper



Thursday, 10 February 2011

Core2 Binomial series 10/02/11

  • Expanding expressions to larger powers
  • Expanding (1+x) to increasing powers
  • Expanding (a+b) to increasing powers
  • Pascal's triangle - linking to coefficients of expansions
  • Permutations - factorial notation - nCr notation
  • Link to coefficients of binomial expansions
  • Formulae book - binomial series
  • Two examples of using binomial series expansions

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Core2 Geometric series 03/02/11

  • Describing sequences
  • Converging, diverging and oscillating sequences
  • Concept of geometric series - common ratio
  • General term and formula for sum of geometric series
  • Using these formulae
  • Summing converging series
  • The concept of sum to infinity
  • Finding terms, sums and sums to infinity